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Thursday, December 14, 2017

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Using Elephants as Bulldozers to Preserve Wildlife Sanctuaries
Indian police and forestry officials began carrying out a series of forced evictions of illegally built houses inside the 30-square-mile Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary in northeastern India, a protected habitat for wild elephants....
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Farmer wins round in 31-year wetland legal battle
David has won the latest round against Goliath in Erie County, Pa. It’s only one round, but a key round for farmer Robert Brace in a legal fight with the federal government stretching back 31 years to one of America’s first “swampbuster” cases....
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Nitrogen ‘challenge’ aimed at reducing ‘dead zone’
New approaches to nitrogen management, developed at land-grant universities, are changing the paradigm for farmers, prompting them to use less fertilizer, save money, and help reduce the toxic algal dead zones ...
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New Ford F-150 for 2018
Ford’s new F-150 debuts for 2018 even tougher, even smarter, and even more capable than ever – with the most advanced F-150 powertrain lineup ever that delivers best-in-class towing, payload and efficiency for America’s pickup drivers....
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New Orleans' drainage history: From ideal to inept in 100 years
In September 1914, then-New Orleans Mayor Martin Behrman stood before members of the League of American Municipalities in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and regaled them with tales of his city’s magnificent public utilities...
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Attorney outlines what was at stake in Water Works lawsuit
Ask Michael Reck about his thoughts on the Des Moines Water Works lawsuit against 10 drainage districts in northwest Iowa, and he gets right to the point....
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Endangered species versus drainage
From time to time, farmers can find themselves caught by a development or issue that sneaks up on them. At first, it can seem trivial, even ridiculous. But it’s like ignoring a train in the distance: before you know it, it’s speeding up on you and...
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Prime Contractors Take Note of New California Law Imposing Liability for Subcontractors’ Employees’ Unpaid Wages
California is imposing greater responsibilities on prime contractors for nonpayment of wages and benefits by their subcontractors. ...
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JCB Launches 510 42 Loadall Telehandler
JCB has announced the launch of the 510-42 Loadall, a telescopic handler with a 10,000 lb maximum lift capacity and 42-foot lift height that requires no outriggers....
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So-called "man-flu"may not just be in men's heads
A new analysis of previous research suggests that men may actually get sicker than women, when they've got a virus such as the flu....
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Chamber of Commerce Reports shows Contractor's have High Optimism
The USG + U.S. Chamber of Commerce Commercial Construction Index (CCI) is a quarterly economic index designed to gauge the outlook for, and resulting confidence in, the commercial construction industry....
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JCB India wants to do an Uber in equipment renting space
JCB India, the local unit of British construction equipment maker, has begun to look at replicating the cab-hailing model pioneered by Uber and Ola, that allows customers to hire equipment over a smartphone app...
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The dangling digger: Would you do this job? - VIDEO
On the slopes above the earthquake damaged Sumner Rd crews from Button Logging have been using a 3- tonne excavator tethered by a cable to a winch on a second 35-tonne excavator to safely scale the steep slopes of loose rock....
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Sweep Through your To Do List with Bobcat Broom Attachments
Clearing sidewalks, driveways and parking lots of light snow and debris can be like a speed bump for bigger projects. You have to finish one before tackling the other....
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